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My Healing Journey

My holistic nutrition journey began 18 years ago when I got a stage 3 Breast Cancer diagnosis. First I was shocked; then I took action. I dove into research and educated myself on every imaginable allopathic, conventional, complementary, natural and alternative option available. I chose a combination of treatments, some allopathic and some alternative, that resonated best for my personal healing.


For me, it was never a ‘war on cancer’ – the cancer was part of me and I needed to understand what caused it, and address the imbalance behind it.


WHY was this happening to me? 


This was my first journey into root–cause healing. My food, everything I put on my skin, and everything I came into contact with, became my ‘medicine.’ 


Looking back, I wish that I had a Nutritional Therapist to guide me. Instead, I waded through conflicting nutrition information, experimented with many different diets, and tried piles of ‘magic bullet’ supplements and ‘superfoods.’ I was guessing; hit or miss. 


A few years later the cancer came back, and to top it off, I was diagnosed with Lymes. After another surgery to remove the cancer, doctors had little to offer to heal my chronic symptoms. I was losing hope going from specialist to specialist with no answers. They only offered symptom control, with unacceptable side effects. I tried all sorts of healing modalities while I continued to struggle with debilitating inflammation, brain fog, constipation, bloating, low energy, hypothyroidism, mood swings, joint pain, psoriasis, hair loss, candida and sleeplessness. 


I was struggling and tired of being tired. 


Then I discovered Nutritional Therapy and formalized my nutrition education by becoming a certified Nutritional Therapist and then a Restorative Wellness Gastrointestinal Healing Practitioner. I learned how what we eat, and our ability to absorb what we eat, sets the stage for our entire health landscape. Gut health matters. A lot. Most of my seemingly unrelated symptoms disappeared once I addressed the root causes. Nutritional Therapy changed my health significantly; it brought back my quality of life.


Now I’m on a mission to help people like you to take back your health. You CAN overcome your symptoms, achieve balance, lasting wellness, and find the joy in life you’ve always dreamed of. I’ve been there…IT REALLY IS POSSIBLE.

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